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Reaching customers online requires more than just having a website. Even the website you have may as well be invisible if no-one is using it. Digital marketing is essential for your business to become found and, hopefully, renowned online. 

Promoting your business online opens up a wide range of opportunities for you to be selective in where you allocate your marketing budget.

It provides the means to be highly specific in who you are targeting and what you are offering. It also offers a great chance to monitor which strategies are working and which ones aren’t and react quickly to improve or redirect your activities.


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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital, or ‘online’ marketing includes any marketing activity facilitated by the internet. It’s actually a very over-arching term involving many various activities.

Some examples include:

  • a business website and its content
  • social media pages and content
  • paid social media advertising
  • advertising on other websites
  • Search Engine Marketing/Google Ads
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Email marketing

A business may utilise some or all digital marketing options available to them, some involve advertising costs and some are free to use.

As with most business activities, a marketing strategy, clear objectives and a budget will ensure you get the best results for your time and financial investment.

How to get started

Begin with your strategy and budget (see below for more on budget). Instead of trying to hit your target by aiming randomly into the dark, set yourself up to succeed by identifying your objectives and making a plan.

Here are some key questions to make sure you’re headed in the right direction:

Who is your target audience?

This is a critical starting point for digital marketing campaigns: you want to explore who you are marketing to and how you are most likely to reach them. For example, teenagers are most likely using TikTok or Youtube, while women over 35 are frequent users of Facebook.

Consider, also, how your audience is using the internet and how it relates to your products or services. Are they searching directly for your products on google or are they browsing instagram and likely to make an impulse purchase.

Trouble Free can help you explore your target audience and develop a digital marketing plan for maximum return on your spend.

What are you actually promoting?

Part of your strategy should include what you are marketing: a single message with one clear point is much more powerful than trying to share everything about your business in one ad or piece of content.

Depending on your product and your audience some messages may be more or less relevant. For example, a very expensive product may require extra emphasis on promoting the quality of your components or the trustworthiness of your brand and team members.

Your marketing content might include messages about your:

– brand
– values
– methods/process
– uniqueness/point of difference
– people/team
– products
– services
– special offers

Throughout the course of a year, you may include all of the above in your marketing content at one time or another.

Talk to us about defining your key messages and planning some new marketing activities today.

How much does Digital Marketing cost?

As the saying goes: ‘how long is a piece of string?’. Essentially, you can spend as much or as little as you like. What’s most important is to customise your digital marketing to your audience, and priorities what is going to work for your business – it is definitely not one-size-fits-all.

International benchmarks suggest that, on average, businesses spend 9 to 12 percent of annual revenue on marketing – if you’re wanting to grow, somewhere between 12 and 15 percent is a good place to aim.

Digital marketing will be part of this budget as you’re likely to allocate money towards offline activities like strategy, staffing, events and brand development as well.

Trouble Free can support your digital marketing at every stage, from getting started with strategy to implementing your campaigns and activities.

Save time and stress knowing your business growth is in good hands.

Search Engine Optimisation

Trouble Free Computing can offer expert guidance on page rank expectations and develop clear SEO strategies for improving your search position and conversion results. 

Search Engine Marketing

Some amazing opportunities still exist for Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Strategic SEM campaigns cut straight through the digital clutter and present your brand right in front of people searching for your services.  

SEM is a great ‘quick win’ in terms of digital marketing as you will get instant results and only pay for the people who actually click your content. 

ROI is also very efficient for paid search campaigns, providing you have an effective website, a targeted audience and clear strategy. 

Social Media Management & Marketing

For many brands, social media is a gold mine of opportunities for connecting and engaging with their target audience.  

Trouble Free Computing can develop a custom social media strategy for your brand, your objectives and your audience. 

Enjoy the relief of having targeted quality content created and scheduled for you, completely trouble free! 

Email Marketing

Well-executed email campaigns are still proven to generate extremely cost-effective leads and sales. A good campaign strategy and a targeted audience can offer some great opportunities for promoting your products and services direct to a customer’s inbox. 

Guided by your specific business offer and your audience, Trouble Free can develop your email marketing strategy and produce expertly written content and custom designed templates for your regular email newsletter or next special offer promotion. 

Contact Trouble Free to discuss how we can support your digital marketing needs now and into the future