Communication Solutions for Every Business

You’re looking for a phone system to support your growing business. You want the function and flexibility of PBX, however the cost of purchase, installation and maintenance sends shivers down your spine. We get that, which is why we offer the perfect communication solution for your business. Trouble Free’s hosted PBX service offers the power of an enterprise grade phone system without the price tag. A cloud hosted PBX services unlocks access to a range of professional features, such as, Voicemail (traditional or to email), Fax to email, Free internal calls (even between sites), Inbound call queues, Interactive menu systems, Incoming call identification (Caller ID), Call handling rules for after hours and public holidays, Incoming and outgoing call recording, Incredibly low call rates.

Enjoy extra benefits such as being able to work from home, transfer calls for free between offices or see if people are on a call in another location. Take your office with you when travelling, link up virtual teams or work on the road – the possibilities are endless. The flexibility of our hosted PBX system means you can change your extensions, menu systems, queues, voicemail boxes and call diversions anytime. Plus, as the system is internet based, you can access the online portal to manage your phone system from any location. You’ll also save money on calls using our hosted PBX system. Using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), most calls will incur little to no cost, providing even more value for your business. We’re so confident you’ll love hosted PBX, we offer the service with no lock-in contract period. Our hosted PBX system is a great solution for every business. Whether you’re a start-up or a growing enterprise, our hosted PBX solution can provide you with the flexibility, reliability and functionality you need, now and into the future.

Benefits of Hosted PBX

Easy to Use

Connect to our PBX via your internet connection to access a full range of features

Professional Set Up

Look professional by utilising call queues, custom hold music and call diversion


Streamline processes with voicemail to email and remote call answering functionality

Cost Effective

Save on PBX server and installation costs while still benefiting from cheaper call rates

Features of Trouble Free’s Hosted PBX

User Friendly Online Portal

Make changes to your dial plan, in real time, using our easy to use online portal. The user-friendly interface allows you to easily make changes to your phone system, when it suits you. Explore, test and take advantage of all the capabilities of our hosted PBX system, without having to wait for technical support.

Fully Self-Managed

Our hosted PBX gives you full control of your entire phone system via the online portal. Add or remove lines, manage internal extension numbers and make changes to your dial plan at any time, at no additional cost. Take full control of your phone system by utilising our hosted PBX services.

Custom Dial Plan Options

Set up a custom dial plan, tailored to the needs of your business, through our hosted PBX. Program your phone system to ring multiple extensions, create queues and custom menus, send voicemail to email, play your own custom hold music and create call diversions to manage busy and peak periods.

Time of Day Options

Our hosted PBX also offers the function to allocate different dial scenarios for different times. For instance, set up your system to dial only one extension during lunch or divert to a mobile phone out of hours. You can also play a recorded message when in a meeting or schedule an out of hours message before going to voicemail.

Custom Hold Music

Make your phone system your own by creating and uploading your own voice recordings, announcements and voicemail messages directly through console. Program welcome messages to play when people call and add messages with music files to a custom queue. Upload your own music files and sort them into individual folders for easy access.

Audio Productions

We can organise professional audio productions for your phone system, to match your brand. You can request a professional recording, or we can record welcome, on hold, after hours and auto attendant messages for you. With several packages to choose from, inclusive of all licensing fees, our audio productions are tailored to meet your needs.

Looking for a professional phone system that will grow with your business?

Looking for a professional phone system that will grow with your business?