IT Support

Keep your business humming with a range of solutions to keep you ahead of the curve. Don’t put up with old technology and outdated communications. 

We deliver seamless service and support so you can get on with what you do best. 

Our IT consultants will work with you to deliver a range of professional services, including business communications consulting, project management and network design, management, support and security.

Our complete end-to-end service can take you from system design, hardware procurement, delivery and installation, through to network set up and IT support.

What does your business need from an IT company?

responsive service you can rely on
genuine helpful advice
trust that things get done on time
expert service, quality products
honest pricing
no fuss, no games, straightforward!

Well, that’s us, we’re IT, trouble free.

All your IT, one place, one phone number!


Simplify your life and manage all your business IT in one place.

You’ll get to know our Australian team as you receive efficient, expert service to source quality equipment, plan system improvements and solve your IT challenges.

We’ll be your trusted partner to design and deliver a holistic communications solution for your team.

Call us for IT equipment, software solutions, PBX phone systems, NBN connections, networks, cloud storage and cyber security.

Guaranteed local IT support 


We know how frustrating it can be trying to get your tech problems solved. That’s why we guarantee 100% local IT support from our Australian-based help desk.

We’re interested in building long-term relationships, and our friendly support staff are committed to resolving your queries as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Bundle your NBN with phone and IT support


Isn’t it nice when all the pieces of the puzzle fit? All our internet plans are available on flexible contracts. Add other services and bundle your internet, phone and managed IT services into one simple bill.

Our Australian support team is only a phone call or e-mail away. Ask us about our range of plans and solutions for small and large teams. All available on flexible plans to suit your needs.

Advantages of Quality IT Support

Reduce Downtime

Rest easy knowing you have quality and trusted support ready to get you back online ASAP

Stay Up-to-Date

Benefit from the latest hardware and software solutions to keep your systems up-to-date

Focus on Business

Stop worrying about IT and start focusing on how you can grow your business further

What We Offer

Break/Fix IT Support

Pay for what you need as you need it.  We provide you with a point of contact for all your IT enquiries, support issues and purchase and you’ll only be billed for time and materials for any projects you initiate.  This is the ideal service for small businesses who don’t require ongoing IT attention.

Managed IT support

We specialise in providing managed IT solutions, taking care of all the IT needs of your business for you. We can repair and service your hardware, perform regular software and security updates, recommend products, organise procurement and work with you to identify ways to optimise your IT resources. Think of it as your complete IT package solution.

NBN connections

If your business is ready to move to the NBN, or you’re looking for a new NBN provider, we can help. We can match your business to a suitable quality NBN plan that meets your business needs.  If the NBN isnt suitable, we also have Enterprise services available.  We pair these plans with a suitable Service Level Agreement to ensure your business never suffers due to unreliable internet services.


Malware and ransomware can cost your business dearly. They can trigger reportable data breaches, lead to extensive legal and data recovery costs and result in significant downtime. Quality anti-virus can help protect your business from malicious attacks. Trust us to secure your data, maintain privacy and keep your business online.

Cloud services

Take advantage of the many benefits of cloud services. Providing secure data storage solutions without costly infrastructure or expensive equipment, cloud services are ideal for small and mobile businesses. With the added advantage of allowing geographically dispersed teams to work as if they’re in the same office, cloud storage offers a convenient, safe, secure and scalable solution for data storage.

We can work with your team to implement a seamless cloud migration. We host your data,saving you money on hardware, as well as the space, power and security required to run yourown data centre.

We specialise in the full complement of IT as a Service (ITaaS) products, including desktop, infrastructure and security, and also provide backup and disaster recovery. Cloud services are easily scalable, secure and even reduce your carbon footprint.

Contact Trouble Free to discuss how we can support your IT needs now and into the future

Contact Trouble Free to discuss how we can support your IT needs now and into the future