Social Media marketing is a great option for your last minute Christmas campaigns.

Compared to many forms of marketing, social media still gives you great reach per $ spent AND the option of targeting your audience.

If you haven’t managed to get your Christmas marketing all tied up – don’t despair! – you still have plenty of time to get Social Media working for your business this Christmas.


Here are some reasons Social Media is ideal for your Christmas marketing:

1. Cheaper

Printing 50,000 flyers and dropping them to letterboxes costs money – even at 10c a pop for a rubbish photocopy you’re looking at $5k just to start.

Social Media marketing will reach tens of thousands at a fraction of the cost of print or traditional media.

There is also no minimum entry point, just a few dollars can get you started promoting your business.

 2. Quick Launch

Now in November, it’s too late to start most traditional campaigns, and especially too late to print materials.

In less than a day you can have your offer out and about reaching people you specifically target.

3. Social Networking

With a SM campaign you have the ability to share with the click of a button!

You can share, your staff can share and even your customers can share with their friends if they like your offer.

You’re getting your paid impressions PLUS additional reach for free.

4. Eco-friendly

Since it’s too late to produce print materials, let’s take note of all the paper we’re saving.

Going digital with marketing is definitely the sustainable choice.

5. Brand Strength

Unlike any other marketing media, digital/social media gives you the full power of your brand at the click of a mouse.

If a customer sees your offer and is interested, one click will give them access to your whole website or Facebook profile – much more brand power than you can fit in a tiny print ad or DL flyer.


Special Offer

Trouble Free are offering a $1000 Christmas Blitz Social Media Campaign for your business this Christmas.

You prepare the offer – we take care of the rest!

We’ll create your ads and set up your campaign to run until Christmas (2021).

Our Christmas Blitz package will give you 50,000 to 80,000 impressions, depending on your targeting.

Talk to us about this offer today.


Call us on (02) 4911 9072


Offer only available till Christmas 2021.