We recently met with an Accountant in Thornton to discuss some issues with their phone system.  They had recently moved office and were currently diverting phone calls from their old on-premises phone system to a mobile phone.  This made managing more than one phone call at a time impossible for the company and left staff making phone calls from their mobiles.  Migrating the existing phone system would have come at a considerable expense and also required re-cabling in the office itself.

We proposed using a Hosted PBX phone solution to fill the gap.  We were able to connect handsets via their existing ethernet and wireless networks.  We’ve also provisioned wireless headsets for additional comfort and ease of use.  Each staff member now has a phone again and we were able to port their existing office number so there was no disruption for their customers.  The handsets came at a fraction of the cost of re-cabling and configuring an on-premises phone system.  We’ve also managed to almost halve their phone bill each month while providing them with a range of additional features including:

  • Automated end of day cycling to their out of hours recordings and process
  • Customised on hold audio productions
  • Portability: Phones can be moved anywhere in the office and even out of the office where needed
  • Inbound call management: Welcome message played as soon as call is received. Calls are placed in a queue playing on hold marketing content until the receptionist is able to attend to the call
  • Callers left on hold too long are automatically routed to voice mail which is delivered via email

If you’re moving office or you’re just looking to upgrade your existing phone system with something a little more modern, please get in touch with us today and see how we can help you on (02) 4911-9072.