With the new year just around the corner, it’s time to make resolutions and get organised. If you’ve been looking for a cloud-based solution to organise your content and encourage collaboration, it’s time to finally tick that task off your list.

Trouble Free is making it easy for you to get organised for 2020, offering a free month of Dropbox Business when you subscribe to an annual plan before December 20th, 2019.

Dropbox Business is the complete solution for your content, cloud storage, and collaboration needs. It’s easy to centralise content, bring your files and the cloud together, give greater flexibility to your staff, find what you need fast and enjoy peace of mind with the inbuilt security of Dropbox Business.

Here are just some of the features that could help your team become more organised in 2020.


7 Ways Dropbox Business Can Organise Your Team in 2020

Smart Workspace – bring your work together in one space with the simplicity of Dropbox Business, helping you organise content without the need to move between programs.

Centralise Content – create, store and share cloud content on a single platform, whatever the document type, simplifying access, updates, and collaboration for your team.

Easy Storage – develop practical folder structures to make it easy for your team to collaborate. Store documents and tools together to increase productivity and performance.

Universal Access – use the power of the cloud to access files wherever you are. Make the most of the ability to work at any time on any device through Dropbox Business.

Integrate Tools – connect tools like Slack and Zoom to Dropbox Business to keep everything in one place, providing seamless access to your team’s files and conversations.

Intelligent Search – find what you need when you need it with Dropbox’s suggested files and folders search capability, helping your team quickly find what they need.

Data Security – enjoy peace of mind with Dropbox’s robust platform, with a range of admin tools available to control access and ensure the ongoing security of your files.


Get Your First Month of Dropbox Business for FREE

To help get your staff and your files ready for 2020, Trouble Free is offering a free month of Dropbox Business when you subscribe to an annual plan before December 20th, 2019. Take advantage of your free first month to explore all the features Dropbox Business offers teams, large and small. We can also offer a free month to those who’d prefer to take up a month-to-month subscription, with the free month available after a minimum subscription period of 6 months.


Case Studies:

Read these case studies on how Dropbox Business has helped these businesses improve.  Click links to read the full story:

Brandt: 15 minutes saved per job, 10x faster service documentation process and 300% ROI in third year.

EJ Prescott: 284 bids completed per year, 80% less time spent on each bid and 86 days of working time per year saved.

Future Classic: Easy remote sharing with artists and partners, Fast uploads of huge audio and video files and secure mobile access to company files.

Lonely Planet: 8 Global offices, 200 field writers and 9TB of data in Dropbox.

Maine Pointe: 25% decrease in content discovery time, 1.8k+ hours of productivity gained per year and 543% return in investment.

Sid Lee: 725 Dropbox users, 250+ sharing connections with external domains and 10% increase in end user efficiency.

Tellepsen: 540 users on Dropbox, 95k file edits made per month and 2k+ hours of productivity gained per year.

Topps: 97% of Dropbox data shared with another user, 455 file edits per user per month and 1 billion+ digital card packs “opened” by customers.



If you’re serious about getting organised for 2020, give us a call on (02) 4911 9072 or get in touch with us online to take up this great offer. Offer expires COB 20th December 2019. Offer only valid within Australia.