How Managed IT Services Benefited Kincumber Veterinary Hospital

After Greg and Liia Kelman took over Kincumber Veterinary Hospital they were keen to give their valued clients (both the two legged and four legged varieties!) the best possible service and care.

Experienced in veterinary medicine, setting up the operations of the hospital and vet clinic was easy. However, finding ways to streamline and improve the administration side of the practice was not quite as straightforward.

Acknowledging they needed expert help, Greg and Liia brought Trouble Free Computing Solutions (TFCS) on board to review their technology and telephony needs. The brief was to review their current set up and suggest practical ways to streamline and improve their services.

Following a full audit, TFCS was engaged to provide the following services to Kincumber Veterinary Hospital:

  • Managed IT support
  • Phone and NBN management
  • Office 365 and Antivirus licences
  • Cloud storage management
  • Office infrastructure management

How Trouble Free Computing Solutions Added Value

TFCS identified a number of ways to improve services and deliver a better customer experience to every client (scaled, feathered, furry and human!)

  1. We added a hosted PBX phone service allowing Kincumber Veterinary Hospital to manage a complex dial plan and seamlessly manage their phone traffic featuring:
    1. a professional welcome message
    2. custom on hold messaging
    3. a queue for busy periods
    4. an intercom system
    5. outbound SMS option
    6. inbound fax to email
    7. after-hours calls being diverted to the local emergency centre.
  2. We created a connection between work and home phones enabling vets to make calls from home using Kincumber Veterinary Hospital’s centralised PBX service.
  3. We set up a safe and secure cloud computing solution so clinic documents could be stored in the cloud, boosting security, retention and ease of access from anywhere.
  4. We sourced and installed high quality computers, covered by 3+ year warranties, providing the veterinary hospital with the latest hardware to meet their future needs.
  5. We procured and managed a business grade NBN service for their practice, giving them access to high speed NBN services to support their growing business.
  6. We coordinated and managed Antivirus and Office 365 services to provide ongoing access to secure software solutions and cybersecurity for the practice.

How Kincumber Veterinary Hospital Benefited

Greg, Liia and their team of dedicated staff benefited from our specialised services in a host of ways, benefits which then flowed through to their valued clients.

  1. We delivered a single point of contact for all IT, web and phone services, making it much easier for the practice to get help and support when required.
  2. We provided reliable and accessible support, even delivering access to after hours support to meet the needs of extended clinic hours and emergencies.
  3. We significantly reduced overall phone service costs, with the hosted PBX service offering the added advantage of no onsite infrastructure or installation.
  4. We significantly reduced overall IT support costs, with quality equipment, training and services not requiring the same level of ongoing IT support.
  5. We made it easy for Kincumber Veterinary Hospital to manage overheads as their pay as you go service meant no costs were incurred when nothing needed attention.
  6. We set up a system that streamlined their administrative tasks, giving them the opportunity to spend less time on admin and more time delivering great service.

If you’re a veterinary practice looking to streamline your administrative services (such as IT, telephony and your website) why not follow Kincumber Veterinary Hospital’s lead and see how we can help you too?

With a range of solutions available to improve your hardware, software, telephone systems, internet access, cloud storage, email security and infrastructure, we’ll take care of your technology needs so you can get back to business.

Get in touch with the experts at Trouble Free Computing Solutions to discuss your IT, phone and website needs. Call us on (02) 4911 9072 or contact us online to find out more.