Trouble Free Computing Solutions offer a wide range of website services including:

  • Website design
  • Domain name registration
  • Website hosting services

In addition we can assist you with developing a social media strategy for your business. Social media can help generate business for your company and keep your customers engaged. Click here for Social Media services

Why do I need a website?

Online Marketing

  • Brochures are expensive
  • Letterbox drops do more to increase landfill than increase your customer base
  • Cold calling is time-consuming, frustrating, and ineffective

Having all your marketing material on a website presents relevant information to customers who are looking for your products.  This means you get the right information to the right people.

Customer interaction

By having a blog or linking your website to a social media platform you can engage with your customers and potential customers online.  Creating blog entries addressing common customer concerns and providing advice demonstrates your skills and experience.  Having an FAQ section will help reduce the number of customer enquiries relating to common issues.

Keep customers informed

You can reach all your existing and potential customers online with news and upcoming events by posting all this information online.  Advertise open days, post pictures and information on new products, encourage customers to sign up to mailing lists or even post an online catalogue of all your products to attract sales using your website.

Larger audience

Billions of people browse the internet every day.  The internet has become a core component in how we shop and do business.  If you don’t have a website you will be taking yourself out of the running for a huge number of potential customers.


Online, it’s easy to provide demonstrations of jobs well done through portfolios, pictures and reviews from customers.  Nothing instils confidence in a potential customer like seeing dozens of other satisfied customers talking about their positive experiences.


A website helps demonstrate that yours is a serious business and that you are here to stay.  Post pictures of your business and your staff at work and help promote your business as reliable, professional and engaging.

With your own domain name you can create professional looking email addresses that help improve your business image and demonstrate you are a legitimate business.

Do business your way

Build a website that reflects your personality and your businesses image.  There are no rules, boundaries or limitations.  You are free to express yourself however you like.

Promote yourself

Start your own blog to attract followers or create an intricate online resume for potential employers.  Not only will it be appealing but it also demonstrates a number of practical skills.

What sort of website do I need?

Every business is different.  What each business needs from a website will vary, and you don’t necessarily need to start big.  For new businesses, a good place to start is often with a simple landing page that lets your customers know who you are and how to contact you.

Retail businesses, wholesalers and distributors can use eCommerce solutions to generate sales through their websites.  An eCommerce website can accept orders, take payment and provide shipping information to your warehouse on products to be shipped saving you time and money during the sales process.

Community figures can create blogs to promote their work and post their biography.  You can also link your blog to any relevant social media platforms you use.

Search Engine Optimisation & Lead Generation

We can improve your Google ranking and increase your web traffic through Search Engine Optimisation or promote our own advertising and generate leads for your business externally.

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