Is your computer running slow?
Can’t print?
Got a virus?

Trouble Free Computing Solutions can send one of their highly trained specialists to address a range of technical issues.

 Computer Repairs Service:

Have you got a virus?  Your computer won’t turn on?  Can’t connect to the internet?  Would you just like someone to explain how something works?

Trouble Free Computing Solutions technicians are experienced in a wide array of IT solutions to meet your every need, including:


  • Repairs and upgrades
  • Virus removal and protection
  • Slow computers
  • No power
  • New computer setup


  • New connections (ADSL & NBN)
  • WIFI connections
  • Internet sharing


  • Setting up new email
  • Custom email addresses (e.g.
  • Accessing email on phones and tablets


  • Upgrades
  • Recommendations
  • Purchases


  • VoIP phone solutions
  • Phone numbers for online use diverted to number of your choosing
  • Softphone alternatives
  • Home business phone systems

Portable computing and peripherals:

  • Tablets (iPad, Android, etc.)
  • Mobiles
  • Smart TV’s
  • Chromecasts


  • Connecting printers
  • File sharing
  • Printer sharing
  • Mass storage
  • Cloud storage
  • Paperless filing systems

Photo’s and Music:

  • Storage and sharing locally and via cloud
  • Sharing online music purchase solutions
  • Wireless and wired audio solutions


  • Backups to local storage
  • Backups to cloud solutions


  • Purchase and repairs
  • Replacement ink, toners and other consumables

Privacy & Security:

  • Local network review
  • Computer review
  • Social media security reviews


  • One on one mentoring and training

Trouble Free Computing Solutions can review your current computing processes and make recommendations on how you can simplify and/or improve the way you work, browse the internet or play.

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